How do I know my ceramic filter element needs cleaning?

This can vary depending on usage and water quality, but the best indication is when the water flow becomes noticeably less than normal. This reduction in flow is due to contaminants blocking the water pathway and proves that the ceramic element is successfully filtering out foreign bodies. Another consideration is the colour. When new, the colour of the ceramic filter is white; any dis-colourment during use is due to contaminants being filtered out.

How do I clean a ceramic filter candle?

We recommend a gentle, evenly applied buffing with a scouring pad until the whiteness of the ceramic returns. Heavy rubbing or over abrasive material may remove more of the ceramic than is actually necessary. Rubber gloves are recommended to be used during cleaning and NEVER use soap or detergents. Ensure that the end of the plastic mount does not come into contact with unfiltered water.

Do I need to sterilize the candle after cleaning?

No, there is no need to sterilise the ceramic candle. All filters feature BioTect® technology that guards against bacteria eliminating the need for boiling either the filter or your drinking water even when used over an extended period.

What happens if I leave the filter unused for a period of time?

Due to self sterilizing, our ceramic candles will not be harmed by lack of use for a period of time. If normal use of the filter is interrupted by holidays or vacations, growth of harmless heterotrophic bacteria may result in a ‘flat’ or ‘stale’ taste for a period of time when use of the filter resumes. Flushing the filter system for several minutes after any prolonged period of inactivity should eliminate the problem.

Is my ceramic filter ecologically friendly?

Yes, British Berkefeld® ceramic candles are produced from 100% natural materials and can be disposed of in land fill.

I need more water than 7,5 liters per day - what do I do ?

You can produce about 7,5 liters per 12 hours – you just need to fill a second time to get to 15 liters. Or you can increase the speed by adding two more filter candles – the holes are already provided in the upper canister.

How often do I exchange the filter candles ?

The manufacturer of the ceramic filter technology recommends to exchange the filters every 6 months or after 3000 liters ( 11 months of 7,5 liters / day ).

What kind of cost per liter of water will I have when replacing the filters after 3000 liters ?

Since tap water is nearly without cost, the ongoing filter replacement brings your liter of clean drinking water to about 2 Lek. With an average of 75 liters per month per person, you will end up paying about 150 Lek per month. Please note that this calculation is not including the initial investment. In the first year the liter of water will cost you 9 Lek per Liter or 675 Lek.

Does the ALLES Waterfilter also filter out Chlorine and Flouride ?

Yes and no. Chlorine is filtered out and the water will taste great because of that. In Albania, no flouride is added to tap water – and the filter would not take it out